Longevity Partners

LONGEVITY Partners, a subsidiary of Long Harbour, provide strategic advice and investment to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy and unlock long term value.

In March 2015, Long Harbour acquired a majority interest in Longevity Partners.  We believe our investment in Longevity Partners will provide access to interesting pan-European renewable investment opportunities as well as helping ensure that Long Harbour, as a significant landlord and asset investor, is at the forefront of addressing social and environmental issues and helping drive  the transition to a low carbon economy.

Since forming in 2015 Longevity Partners have trebled in size and  are operational in 12 different countries from  their office in London.  They work on a wide range of projects including roof-top solar, renewable energy strategies for large developments, various green building certifications, hydro schemes and have assisted many property funds with their responsible investment programmes.