Culture, Ethics & Responsible Investment

Our working environment is a reflection of those who work for and with us. We have built and will continue to build a cohesive team from a wide variety of professional and skilled backgrounds. We strive to nurture potential and retain responsible, high energy, tenacious and collegiate individuals who are ambitious to develop their skills and expertise at Long Harbour.

Long Harbour’s ESG Vision

Long Harbour and its subsidiaries aim to be at the vanguard of promoting responsible stewardship of assets for the benefit of the investment community and wider public. As a leader within the residential real estate sector, Long Harbour views its role as a property custodian. With this outlook, Long Harbour aims not only to fulfil its ESG duties but to lead the way with its initiatives, generating economic and social value for their investors and tenants.

Long Harbour’s long-term approach to sustainability enables Long Harbour to have lasting, meaningful impacts. Due to the long-term structure of the funds, Long Harbour is able to invest in lasting, value-creating ESG initiatives.

In 2019, the Long Harbour ESG Committee was created to help reach the firm’s responsible investment goals, specifically to:

(i) monitor quarterly performance;

(ii) keep abreast of forthcoming legislation; and

(iii) improve dialogue with investors and increase ESG-related knowledge and market transparency. 

In 2020, Long Harbour was accepted to become a signatory of the UN PRI. 

To download the Long Harbour Group ESG policy, please go to the downloads section of our website:


  • We are a young Company...

    ...who aim to provide a flexible approach to each client and the investments they are responsible for to ensure value for money for our investors.

  • We know that Trust...

    ..with our partners and counterparts is paramount for a successful working relationship.

  • We believe that...

    ...we must maintain trust with our investors, align our interests with theirs and provide value for money.