Technology and its vital role for a seamless customer journey

Ruchit Gupta-Chaudhary, 27 May 2021

Since Long Harbour entered the Multi-Family space in 2013, the technology it uses has developed at a rapid pace to deliver a seamless user experience for customers and staff, ultimately providing for clear reporting to investors. These technologies are involved in multiple touchpoints through the customers life cycle. This includes everything from capturing a customer’s initial interest, the journey through the letting process, and continues once customers are living in our buildings to help them with their day to day needs such as reporting repairs via the customer portal.

The use of technology improves building operations by incorporating products such as Internet of Things network of sensors, smart cameras, and smart locks.

Technology provides the capability to collect the data from different stages of the customer journey, enabling us to monitor, learn and respond in the best way to our customers. Data reports give management visibility of key performance indicators across the business, providing clear information for decision making.

Incorporating technology can automate several processes and administration tasks. Automations create operational efficiencies, reduce the chances of human error, and frees time for staff to dedicate to more relevant tasks.

Using technology, Long Harbour can not only improve processes but also learn from customer behaviour to inform decisions on future schemes. (For example, we have an online booking form for the amenities such as the gym which gives us insights and data into who is using the gym, the most popular times and how frequently. This helps us to understand our residents’ behaviour and preferences which we then use to help to inform our future designs.

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