Long Harbour’s summer work placements with the Social Mobility Foundation

Namita Soni, 16 August 2023

As part of Long Harbour’s ongoing partnership with The Social Mobility Foundation, Long Harbour provides work placements and mentoring opportunities for students. In July, three work experience students came to spend time at Long Harbour.

The students undertook their work experience in investment teams as well as corporate teams, carrying out different tasks that were relevant to their interests. Tasks included preparing internal marketing materials, conducting research on an investment opportunity and reviewing a financial model and responding to set questions.

One of the students spent time in the residential investment team and said ‘I particularly enjoyed the research element; it was interesting to see what factors go behind choosing an area, I especially liked the fact I did research for a live project the team were currently working on’.

Another student enjoyed the task of creating marketing material, she said: ‘The most enjoyable part of my internship was making posters for upcoming events on Canva. It made me become creative and see what I can do to advertise and publish information.’

One student had a particular interest in finance and said: ‘The tasks were also particularly interesting, having to research and analyse data regarding BTR as well as within excel for the financial model was eye-opening and definitely something that I will continue and increase my knowledge on.’

This was the second year Long Harbour has hosted students through its partnership with the Social Mobility Foundation. We are really pleased to be able to offer work experience and to work with the students to learn more about their interests and ambitions. Thank you to the Social Mobility Foundation for the opportunity.

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