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William Astor speaks at The Financial Times Family Business Summit in Dubai

22 March 2017

"Post-industrial urbanisation is an undeniable long term macro trend.  Post the digital revolution the urban environment is also rapidly evolving. Think Tesla, Uber, WeWork, Amazon, smart phones, smart homes, the way we move, live, shop and work is fundamentally changing.  It is an unbelievably exciting time.  For instance take one of the biggest complaints about living in the city, pollution.  People are worried about their health, their children’s health.  


Now imagine the impact of all electric cars, how will that affect the city environment?  Urbanisation is going to accelerate so how can you exploit that macro trend?  


What we focus on is acquiring strategic land within the existing urban environment - areas that need regeneration and which are undergoing fundamental change.  We are building new blocks of multifamily apartments - long term assets that will still be there in over 100 years’ time.  We are reinvigorating traditional retail by focusing on leisure and food and beverage to reflect changing shopping trends.  We are investing into these areas, not just capital but also into artistic and cultural enterprises, the grass roots of regeneration.  We are investing for the long term."


William Astor, Chief Executive Officer, Long Harbour